How to Be the First on Google?

Monica Franco

People think that “placement” and ranking of their site on the first pages is given for granted and that this is in some way implied. They don’t know that behind it is a lot of continuous work, knowledge and time.

There are two groups of activities, and this is all that you should know about them.

On page SEO

This is what is done on the site itself, in its code. There are a few things to think about:

  1. Planning, designing and creating the structure of the site;
  2. Finding keyword research;
  3. Writing content and text regarding the rules of SEO
  4. Setting the heading hierarchy;
  5. Selecting images and optimizing them;
  6. Setting up JS scripts and SEO plugins, meta description, meta tags, proper tagging, etc. ;
  7. Setting internal links, and anchor links;
  8. Installation of sitemaps;
  9. Flexibility with different devices.

Off-page SEO

These are activities that work outside the site, it is the promotion and advertising of the site, with the goal of reaching as many visitors as possible. This is achieved in the following ways.

Building links to the site (link building). These links are not any links. They should be as good and relevant as possible, in other words, they should come from popular sites.

Working with social networks (Facebook, Youtube, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, …). Google loves social networking. It all tells you about the quality of your content and will surely consider, if the quality is shown, to rank your text on google. It is necessary to pay attention to both on-page and off page techniques, one without the other does not go. You can have a perfectly designed website, but if there is a lack of promotion, internet traffic will be insignificant.

Blackhat – attempts to deceive

There are also shortcuts, techniques that are not allowed (black hat SEO), and through which the site can quickly reach the high position, but Google and other search engines are getting better in recognition, new algorithms (Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird) and if you get caught, your site is punished, falling in rank, and the only thing left is designing a new site. For renowned firms who are self-supporting, it’s a disaster, so it’s best to stick with honest and correct stretches (white hat SEO) that do not deliver results so quickly, but in the long run, they bring success.