5 Lawyer SEO Strategies for Bringing More Clients to Your Law Practice

Monica Franco

Every product or service always needs to be advertised, and layers are no exception from that. For many years now lawyers have been continually seeking ways to increase their presence online.

Technology has brought numerous advantages for businesses to advertise their services. As such, lawyers have been asking how they can easily be found through search engines.

The truth of the matter is that several techniques can be applied to increase law firm’s web footprint.

The following are 5 SEO strategies or techniques that lawyers can use to generate more clients for their businesses.


As you understand by now, the internet is flooded with words. Online users mostly use words to search for information on the internet. This, therefore, means that you need to identify the words commonly used by online users to search for services that you provide.

This is often known as keyword discovery.

Besides that, there are three essential things you should consider when it comes to the use of keywords. They include search volume, competition, and relevance of content.

For instance, the phrase “Illinois Injury lawyers” will sound more relevant to an Illinois law firm compared to the phrase “injury” or “injury lawyer.”

A place to drive visitors

One of the first things you need while getting started with SEO is a place to direct online user or visitors. It doesn’t matter whether it is a blog or a law firm seo agency.

Having a website or blog will make it easy for you to drive traffic and generate even more clients. The site or blog will serve as your “base operation” point.

For those who want to cut on a budget, a blog might be the most effective way since you will not have to incur a lot of expenses compared to a website.

On-page optimization

The other strategy for bringing more clients to your law practice is through on-page optimization. This is whereby you use your best keywords on your website or blog.

Some of the best places to include your keywords are; title tags, internal link anchor texts, heading tags, regular text and bolded texts.

Off-page optimization

This is always where the secret lies. It is vital to understand how search engines operate. In short, search engines always create a “copy” of the whole internet in their index.

They then find what they think every web page is about and then arrange them using an algorithm for a particular search phrase. One of the significant determinants is the number of inbound links which act as votes for your website.


Quality content is another excellent strategy for generating more clients for your law practice. It is important to note that substance acts as fuel for search engines.

If your website lacks quality, unique and relevant content regularly, it will be difficult for you to succeed in search engines.

The secret, therefore, is to generate quality and relevant content for your clients continually. That will be the only sure way of attracting visitors from time to time and have more clients.