How to write effective SEO articles?

Monica Franco

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) search engine optimization refers to the techniques used to increase the likelihood that your website will be found on the Internet. One of the most important factors for optimizing the website is writing articles. Original, effective and useful content is a key element of any website, as this is how it is found on the Internet.

Therefore, the quality of content is essential to the website. In addition, it is also important that certain techniques are used to increase the success of attracting visitors to these articles. Here are the basic methods of writing an appropriate and effective SEO article.

Use keywords

The basic element of website search engine optimization are the keywords. Internet users type these words or phrases into search engines and as a result get articles that contain these relevant words or phrases. This article deals with SEO writing and it contains keywords such as SEO articles and SEO content. These search terms can be entered into search engines and found by this article and thus by the website.

However, in order to make smart use of the keywords, you must understand that every internet user is doing a different search. To find the content of this article, he can enter completely different words than expected. This problem is solved by using the Keyword Tool. There are plenty of such tools available, and the most popular is the Google Adwords Keyword Tool or Overture. These tools generate alternative words or phrases and rank them according to popularity, competition, etc.

In order to achieve the maximum of the article, it must remain concise and focused on relevant topics. It should be noted that each of these tools uses its own unique conditions. As a general rule, keywords that are popular and without big competition are the best choice.

Density of keywords

Keyword density refers to the number of repeated keywords relative to the total number of words in the article. It’s important that keywords are adequately repetitive.

However, on the other hand, the article should not be cluttered with keywords. Articles loaded with keywords and non-quality content are written exclusively to increase your visit to the website. This does not constitute extreme SEO and should be avoided at all costs. The keyword density in the article should be about 5%.


It is extremely important that articles follow a particular format of writing that is coherent and easy to understand. The recommended format is:

  • Introduction (one paragraph)
  • Body (two to four paragraphs)
  • Conclusion (one paragraph)

The normal number of words for an SEO article is from 300 to 600 words. If it is shorter you can lose the point of the article. If it is longer, there is a chance that the readers get tired of reading it. If these techniques are used to write an article, you will easily notice that the attendance of the website has increased drastically. As such, your website will have a much greater chance of being found online.